Driving Directions
From Tamarindo Airport

Driving from the Tamarindo Airport to Playa Grande typically takes around 25-30 minutes.
  1. When leaving the airport, turn left onto the main road and drive for about 1 kilometer.
  1. When you come to the intersection, turn left onto Route 155 towards Playa Grande/Huacas.
  1. Stay on Route 155 for 8 kilometers. When you come to the next intersection in Huacas, turn left towards Playa Grande/Matapalo.
  1. Continue going straight on this road. You’ll soon pass a turnoff on the right for Flamingo and Conchal.  Do not take this right turn.
  1. Still continuing straight, you will soon come to a small town called Matapalo. After passing the soccer field on your right and Charlie’s Bar on your left, you will come to a t-intersection.  Turn left at this intersection.  Soon after turning left, you will pass over a one-lane bridge, so please use caution.
  1. Continue on this road for another 10 minutes.  This road will take you over another winded mountain road.  After coming down off the mountain, you will pass by a blue supermarket on your left called Wil-Mart.  Soon after this, you will begin to see apartments, hotels, and restaurants which are all part of Playa Grande.  You’ll pass by Mato’s Surf Shop on your right, then Kike’s Place restaurant on your left; soon after this, follow the road around left, and you’ll pass Frijoles Locos surf shop on your left.
  1. Continue down this road for just a few seconds until you see a big billboard on your left. Turn left at this billboard.
  1. Follow the road for a few seconds until the paved roads ends and turn right. BP Surf Hotel is the first hotel on your right.